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The benefits of deploying applications using cloud computing include reducing run time and response time, minimizing the purchasing and deployment of physical infrastructure. Considerations for Energy efficiency, flexibility, simplified systems administration, pricing based on consumption, and most of all limiting the footprint of the datacenter.

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How miOnCall Works

OnCall Scheduling Made Easy

Whether you are using miOnCall for your own individual OnCall schedule, or using it for your entire department, OnCall scheduling has never been easier.

miOnCall OnCall Scheduling provides a powerful and flexible tool to create and manage both individual and department-wide schedule coverage, view schedule coverage, dispatch messages to OnCall staff contacts, and extend schedule information to physicians and staff via secure web and smartphone app access.

Your OnCall Schedule:

Manage and view your miOnCall schedule from anywhere.  miOnCall has an easy setup wizard and resources to guide you through the secure and effortless process of setting up your OnCall schedule.  You can then access it via our secure website, sync it with your Outlook calendar, as well as purchase any of our smartphone apps (iPhone®, iPad®, iTouch®, Blackberry®, and Android®-based phones) to easily view your schedule and maintain it from anywhere.

Departmental and Multiple OnCall Schedules:

miOnCall Schedules may be used throughout your whole hospital by many departments.  Staff may access miOnCall to view their department's OnCall schedule as well as view all of the OnCall schedules available.  Since miOnCall is a browser-based application, accessibility from computers, smartphones, and tablet based products is seamless.  All of your departmental staff as well as your main switchboard operators will know who is on call now and be able to send urgent messages quickly.

When administrating miOnCall, each OnCall Staff Contact can be assigned to specific Contact Roles to cover the scheduling requirements for department OnCall Schedules.  The Contact Roles define the type of resource the contact is, such as a nurse, pediatric resident, trauma physician, cardiologist, or any custom-designed Role.

Contacts with Roles matching the requirements for an OnCall Shift are then available to be scheduled for the Shift.  Staff viewing an OnCall Schedule can instantly see the current coverage assignments for each OnCall Shift.  OnCall Schedules are organized into Shifts and are easily designed to meet your coverage requirements for specific time frames, days of the week, dates, and recurrence patterns.  Shifts can be set to recur on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, providing an easy way to set up schedules in advance."

With Amtelco's miOnCall solution, OnCall scheduling has never been easier to create, manage, and view. Purchase miOnCall and begin using it today!

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